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Your Guide to Fishing on Cape Cod

Fisherman shows large bass caught on fishing tripIf fishing is your game, then you’ll love Cape Cod – one of the finest areas to fish on the East Coast. There’s nothing like hooking on to a big one to put a smile on your face. From the first cast to the last, spending a few hours fishing on Cape Cod might just be one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy the day. What’s more, deep sea fishing charters abound on Cape Cod. But it’s just as nice to simply wet a line from a kayak in one of the many kettle ponds or cast a lure into the Cape Cod Canal. Here’s your guide to fishing on Cape Cod.

Naturally, it helps to know the best spots to fish. Depending on what you’re after, Cape Cod Bay might be the answer. Then again, Nantucket Sound, Brewster Flats, Scorton Creek, or Buzzards Bay could be the right spot for a fishing frenzy. Some of the most delicious fish call Cape Cod home. And some of the most challenging game fish swim right offshore. We covered the spectrum of fishing arenas in our previous blog “Your Guide to the Best Fishing Spots”.

So, what can you expect to catch on a fishing expedition on Cape Cod? Let’s break it down.

Cod and Haddock

It’s not a coincidence that this lovely peninsula is named after the cod. Once found aplenty offshore in the waters of Cape Cod, the white meat cod and close relative, haddock, are the mainstay of many seafood dishes here and around the world.

Striped Bass

From May through October, you’ll find anglers of all sorts vying for a chance to reel in one of these incredible fighting fish. Due to recent restrictions due to overfishing in the past, most anglers choose to catch and release. But you can still bag a big one to enjoy at home.


Though bluefish are an acquired taste for many, fishing for them is fun and easy. They are hungry critters that seem to bite at most anything, so landing one is not as difficult as the more elusive game fish.

Bluefin Tuna

The cold-blooded bluefin tuna puts up a tremendous fight and the thrill of landing one feeds most adrenaline junkies. You’ll have to go way offshore to find them, but when you do you’re in for an incredible ride.


Seasoned anglers are always in search of the next great fishing adventure. So come peak summertime, you’ll see lots of boats headed out to sea in search of mako and blue sharks. Though the movie Jaws may have given this predator a bad reputation, nothing compares to duking it out with one in the deep blue sea.


The flounder population remains steady throughout the year. And tapping into a school of them results in a tasty meal for all. You don’t have to go too far, as they tend to congregate close to shore in creeks and rivers and estuaries.

Of course, that’s not the complete list of what you can find when fishing in the waters of Cape Cod. Black Seabass, Mackerel, Scup, Pollock, and the occasional Wahoo or Mahi Mahi might end up on the hook too.

We’ve partnered with The Traveling Angler, a local guide and charter captain, to create a 2-day package perfect for anglers and fishing enthusiasts. Offered April through October, our Cape Cod Fish & Stay package combines a comfortable stay at our bed and breakfast on Cape Cod with an amazing fishing adventure.

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